Peace of Mind FOR FOUNDERS.

We know what investors, founders, board members, bankers, lawyers, employees and auditors need from an entrepreneurial management team, and we are here to help you succeed. We provide peace of mind for founding teams and executives; as they focus on growing their businesses, we manage critical financial functions to enable them to successfully scale. 

Out of complexity, we deliver clarity. 



Extend and build your expertise. 

Clarity and credibility in the face of complexity. 

You’ve been busy building your company and got behind on financial housekeeping, bogged down by manual and potentially error-prone processes. You’d love to save time and improve accuracy. 

We’ll set up your chart of accounts, find efficiencies with the right tech stack, and provide the visibility and accuracy you need. 

You’re ready to fundraise and need credible financial projections for your pitch deck.  After getting funding commitments, you need a defensible financial model for the due diligence process. 

Our experienced controllers and CFOs understand the peer metrics and deliver thoughtful and thorough financial exhibits to help you seal the deal. 

Your business is growing and accounting for your income isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. Whether it’s auditors or acquirers expressing interest in your business, you need to be ready. 

From expense reports and option grants to revenue recognition and vendor management, rest assured your financials and scaleable systems will prepare you for the next phase of your business. 


“The services Denali provides are just what we need as a small startup. Our books are completely in order at all times. This is a huge weight off my shoulders when it comes to investor discussions. When I ask them for advice it’s always straight to the point and helpful.”

H. Paul Hammann | Founder and CEO, Ombitron

“Denali was critical to our preparation to raising a $9.4M Series A with Accel Partners. Because of Denali I was able to go on the road with a solid financial model behind me, and since the financing Chris has counseled our internal teams to make board preparation easier and our forecasting better than ever.”

Peter Hamilton | CEO & Partner, TUNE, Inc.

“Denali  provides steady financial leadership as a trusted member of our team. Their disciplined financial approach and creativity are crucial to helping us plan our profitable growth.”

Monnix Jelinek | Founder & CEO, Seven Simple Machines

We've been there.


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