Puget Sound Business Journal: Denali Financial Consulting names Rebecca Lovell CEO

“Seattle-based Denali Financial Consulting has named Rebecca Lovell as CEO. The longtime startup mentor started on Feb. 8, less than two weeks after TA Group Holdings announced its acquisition of Denali in late January.

Denali offers part-time, or fractional, accounting. According to Lovell, many clients are startups that need financial consulting but don’t have the means to hire an in-house accountant or CFO. Lovell, who has been working with entrepreneurs for years, feels the opportunity for Denali to offer fractional services can extend beyond just finance and into areas like HR and marketing. 

“One of the fun aspects of my job is that I have the charter to both grow organically and through acquisition,” Lovell said. “That’s one nice element of being part of this private equity firm is that I’m going to be on the lookout for win-win type of situations where maybe there’s other best-in-breed services where we could join forces.”

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