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Our clients appreciate our candor. We ask tough questions to ensure the operating plan is in alignment with the strategic goals of the company. As part of the team, Denali executives handle all the important financial areas of a growing business as well as strategic and periodic financial projects.

Financial reporting

Sales reporting and support

Revenue recognition

We understand the key drivers and metrics of the business so our clients can measure, monitor, and change course to meet changing market conditions.

We support the sales team with pipeline reporting and other sales tools (e.g. Salesforce), accurate and timely commission reporting, and an effective contract administration process.

With our expertise in accounting rules clients don’t have to worry about auditors restating revenue or other numbers at the end of the year.

Capitalization tables

Risk assessment and mitigation

Financial Modeling

As the official keepers of our clients’ capitalization tables, we ensure that all equity transactions are identified and properly accounted for.

A healthy level of paranoia helps us identify business risks and work with our clients to avoid and/or minimize them.

We design models that reflect key business drivers and metrics, so the story and the financial position of the business are clearly articulated.

Management of key relationships

Board meeting coordination

409A valuation coordination

We manage our clients’ relationships with outside legal counsel, CPA’s, insurance brokers, bankers and investors with urgency and professionalism.

Well-managed board meetings are an important part of running a company. We help clients prepare for Board meetings and complete follow up items such as minutes and execution of employee option grants.

We coordinate the valuation process with the outside valuation firm to ensure our clients comply with the new IRS rules relating to stock options and related stock-based compensation.