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Our clients appreciate our candor. We ask tough questions to ensure the operating plan is in alignment with the strategic goals of the company. As part of the team, Denali executives handle all the important financial areas of a growing business as well as strategic and periodic financial projects.

Accounting clean-up

Audit-readiness and coordination

SOX for public and private companies

Rapid growth or staffing changes can cause companies to get behind on their accounting and financial reporting. We step in and help clients get caught up and audit-ready again.

If a client is facing their first audit, or needs to get organized for the next one, we can manage the preparation process and work directly with the auditors to complete a smooth and efficient audit.

We are experts in SOX requirements so we ensure companies are prepared for the internal control portion of the annual audit.

SOX readiness

M&A due-diligence (“buy-side”)

M&A readiness (“sell-side”)

If our clients are planning for a higher profile, or just want to improve operations, we can help. Our seasoned team performs an audit risk and internal control assessment to determine the level of work needed to be SOX-ready.

We help our clients evaluate potential acquisitions to ensure the deal is in alignment with the desired strategic objectives.

If our clients are seeking an exit or a strategic partnership, we coordinate all phases of the due-diligence process. This includes identifying and organizing the documents and other key deliverables in a “data room” to ensure a smooth due-diligence process.